Autowerkes Exclusive is a luxury car detailing shop that specializes in premium ceramic car coating and high-end paint protection film.


Since 1993, we’ve offered our services to discerning luxury vehicles owners, gaining a reputation for the best ceramic coating and paint protection film in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Porsche owners trust our shop to deliver incomparable protective products and services, whether they need protection films, ceramic coating, or additional preservative and concierge vehicle-maintenance services.


We offer the newest in technology for ceramic car coatings

We offer the most cutting edge in technology for ceramic car coatings that have the ability to last several years, unlike the traditional sealants or waxes that last a mere 3 to 4 months. The best ceramic coating for cars acts as a barrier between your Porsche’s paint and the elements, protecting the vehicle’s professional factory finish. After extensive research, we have found these three highly effective, top-rated ceramic paint coating products are the best on the market.

GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra offers unmatched abrasion and chemical protection with its thicker, glossier and harder structure that has been extensively tested in the laboratory and in real world experiences. This is the best paint protection you can invest in, and it keeps your Porsche looking new and glossy, maintaining the life of your paint’s picturesque finish.

GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light forms an ultra-durable, high-gloss inorganic layer of 9h, optically clear ceramic that’s slick to the touch and resistant to tree sap, tar and hard-water spots. After application, your Porsche’s paint surface gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for much longer than traditional paint protection products, making cleaning and protecting your vehicle’s paint a cinch.

C.QUARTZ Professional was strategically designed to have an exceedingly rich and glossy finish, as well as resist the elements more extensively than other products on the market. It protects paint from dirt, brake dust, bugs, bird droppings and tar for an average of two years.


Paint protection film to keep your Porsche looking new for a lifetime

We utilize premium software to cut the best-fitting templates and wrap as many edges as possible for the cleanest install imaginable.


DYNOshield similarly improves contaminant resistance from water marks, bugs, bird droppings, pollutants and more. Its magnificent shine creates that “just waxed” look for your Porsche.



Beyond car coating and paint protection film, Autowerkes Exclusive also offers Porsche owners a broad array of additional optional services, including paintless dent removal, leather and vinyl coating to preserve your seats and wheel repair to fix damage from running into curbs.


We also proudly offer renowned concierge services to Porsche owners for your comfort and convenience.



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