Unlike waxes and sealants, CQuartz Professional adds a measurable 2~3µm thick protective “glass” coating.  Unlike the durability of wax and sealants which is measured in months, CQuartz Professional durability is measured in years! 

CQuartz Professional was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other. While its beauty is undeniable, that is only the start! Long term protection of that beauty and resistance to the environment is equally important. Utilizing a proprietary condensed nanotech material, CQuartz Professional adds a measurable 3µm tough, high gloss “glass” layer, which protects the paint from dirt, brake dust, bugs, bird bombs, and tar for approximately two years. 


What does that mean to you?


CQuartz Professional has developed a reputation among professionals as the richest, deepest, highest gloss coating available anywhere.


Without CQuartz Professional, metal particles coming off the brakes of other vehicles can lodge in your paint causing damage over time. CQuartz Professional puts an end to this with a thick barrier that does not allow these contaminants to reach the paint surface.

Compared to carnauba wax protection, dust and dirt retention is lowered up to 90% with CQuartz.

Bugs and bird bombs can be extremely destructive to your paint. With 3µm of CQuartz Professional, the bug remains are unable reach your paint.

Easier Maintenance

Any dirt or dust that does attach to the coating is easily removed upon the next wash without having to scrub or clay the vehicle. CQuartz Professional offers dirt and water shedding abilities beyond that of any other product available. With the stay-clean effect provided by CQuartz Professional, dirt slides right off during a wash.


One of the most important features in keeping your vehicle clean is the ability of the protective layer to release water. CQuartz Professional features a low sliding angle which allows water drops to release easily causing an extreme lotus effect.


CQuartz Professional has been proven to resist fine swirls when properly cared for.


  • hand wash
  • decontaminate paint via chemical means and/or clay bar
  • light polish to improve gloss
  • apply two coats of CQuartz Professional to all paintwork and chrome
  • apply CQuartz DLux to all exterior plastic
  • apply GTechniq C1 glass coating to all exterior glass

Small Car — 1195
Medium/Large Car or SUV — 1295
Large SUV or Pickup — 1495