Coating Application for your Wheels

Now that your paint has been coated to protect it from the elements and such for the next 24-60 months, we can apply the same protection to your wheels and painted brake calipers. We will remove your wheels, clean them thoroughly front and back, and coat them with GTechniq Crystal Serum, the most durable coating available. If your brake calipers are painted, they will receive the same treatment. After reinstalling your wheels, they are torqued to factory specs.

Set of 4 NEW Wheels — 395


Convertible Top Treatment

You can’t wax a fabric soft top, but you CAN protect it. Our super hydrophobic nano coating will greatly protect your soft top by creating a hydrophobic barrier, not allowing water/rain to soak in. A rainy day in Vancouver can easily soak up several gallons of water in a soft top, resulting in premature wear, fading, and mold growth. Keeping your top coated will increase the longevity of the top greatly, and make it much easier to clean in the future. Convertible top treatment should be done once a year.

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Paintless Dent Removal

Also know as PDR, is a procedure of massaging out dents, dings, and minor creases without having to repaint. This can usually be done without any trace of the dent’s past, and is much better for your vehicle's resale value by keeping original paintwork.

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