Unlike traditional paint sealants or waxes, new technology coatings have the ability to last years, not months.


We prefer to use the following coatings; GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, GTechniq Crystal Serum Light and Cquartz Professional. Although not cheap, they are far more economical than having your vehicle waxed every 3-4 months to maintain year round protection. These coatings act as a sacrificial barrier between your paint and the elements, protecting your factory finish. The coatings we use are typically 100x thicker than a regular wax or sealant. In the event that your vehicle needs to be polished to remove light swirls etc, chances are we would only be removing the coating, and not even touching your original paintwork.

The price for all of the coatings we offer is inclusive of all prep work including hand wash, paintwork decontamination, light polish to improve gloss and application to all paint, chrome, plastic and glass. Most shops will charge extra for any areas not painted. Any polishing needed to remove swirls and scratches will be in addition to the quoted package price.

To qualify for the warranty program associated with the coatings, the vehicles must be brought back annually for a check up. At that time we will wash and do a 3-4 stage paintwork decontamination to remove anything that hand washing didn't. After the paint is clean, we will apply the compatible coating topper. Having this done annually will help ensure the coating is able to do it's job protecting your paint. The cost for this service is $195.  . Any panels where the coating is not performing as it should will be topped up, free of charge.

Please keep in mind that although these toppings are extremely durable, they are not bulletproof and need to be maintained in order for them to do their job. The car should be washed on a regular basis, either by hand or or using a touchless car wash ( not the old school rollover brush type ). That means once every 2-3 weeks minimum. Wash technique will play a role in how long the coatings last. We can go over your wash regimen with you to ensure you are doing everything possible to minimize inflicting swirls and thus extending the life of the coating. Ceramic coatings are like Gore-Tex. They will continue to repel water and dirt as long as the coating is kept clean and in good condition. Not washing regularly or coming in for the annual visit to have your paint decontaminated could cause premature failure of your coating. 


As durable as these coatings are, they will NOT stop damage due to flying debris and rock chips. Please have a look at the Paint Protection Film section for that kind of protection.