Autowerkes Exclusive is a luxury car detailing shop that specializes in premium ceramic car coating and high-end paint protection film.


Since 1993, we’ve offered our services to discerning luxury vehicles owners, gaining a reputation for the best ceramic coating and paint protection film in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Car owners trust our shop to deliver incomparable protective products and services, whether they need protection films, ceramic coating, or additional preservative and concierge vehicle-maintenance services.

As experts in fashion films, or colour-changing films that wrap a car’s paint in a protective and decorative barrier, we enjoy adding an element of surprise and intrigue to our clients’ vehicles with this multifaceted feature. Fashion films take paint protection films to the next level aesthetics-wise—they create an almost illusion-like effect that changes the colour and appearance of the car’s exterior depending on the direction from which you look at it. STEK’s line of fashion films offers a bit of something unique for everyone.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 2.29.10 PM.png


Creates a multi-tone, iridescent metal flake finish, giving the appearance of different glossy colours from every angle.


Top coat that protects the looks of any vehicle with a colour-matching carbon fiber-styled paint protection film.


Can transform any colour of vehicle into an ultra-protected gloss black, matte or carbon-fiber finish.


Protects automotive lights and enhances their appearance with various tones of light, options including a shaded tone, dark smoky tone and yellow tone.



All types of STEK fashion films are hydrophobic (meaning they have advanced water repellent properties), anti-contaminable, stain resistant and puncture resistant, and they have fast recovery self-healing with the use of heat or hot water.

Fashion films are a superb way to customize your paint protection film in a creative way, while also protecting your vehicle from water spots, stone chips, brake dust, bird droppings, pollutants and other harmful elements.

We have the latest in superior software to cut the best-fitting templates and wrap as many edges of the vehicle as possible to perform the cleanest installs imaginable. These days, cars are painted with eco-friendly, water-based paints that chip easier and are more prone to scratching and other elemental damage. Paint protection film is the top method for protecting your automobile and keeping it looking brand new for many years to come.