Unfortunately, nowadays cars are painted with environmentally friendly water based paints that chip easier and are more prone to scratching. Paint protection film (commonly referred to as "Clear Bra") is one of the best ways to protect your investment and ultimately keep your car looking new, forever.


Not all installs are the same. As with just about anything, we believe that you truly get what you pay for. Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good. While our competitors survive by offering lower pricing to attract customers on a tight budget, we believe in providing our clientele with a quality install and use only the best films on the market.

Our pricing is higher than most of our competitors for a few reasons. We do everything we can to make the install as clean as possible. We remove as much as we can in the way of emblems, lettering and even headlights to make sure there are as few seams as possible.

We use the best software available to cut the best fitting templates and can manipulate our templates to wrap as many edges as possible. Fewer seams means a cleaner install and fewer edges for dirt to collect against. For examples of our work, please find us on Facebook and Instagram.

We use two of the best paint protection films available today.



Partial Front End — from 1275

Partial Hood
Partial Fenders
Forward Facing Portion of Mirrors


Full FRONT END — from 2075

Full Hood
Full Fenders
Forward Facing Portion of Mirrors


Full Body Wrap — from 5995

Complete Coverage